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What is LED Light? And what is good about them?

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LED (light-emitting diode) is lighting source of new generation now. In early 1960s, LED was introduced as a practical electronic component.. After over 40 years, LED become one of main lighting sources.

LED differs from traditional light sources. There are no glass bulbs or filaments to break, or electrodes to decay. So, we also call LED as solid state light. Basically, it's a chemical chip embedded in a plastic capsule. When chips are energized by applying a voltage, LED emits visible light. Because chip's chemical composition is different, color of visible light is different.. The light can then be focused, routed, or scattered using lenses, waveguides or diffusers.

the advantage of LED lights:
1. consume less power. if you replace incandescent or halogen bulbs by LED, you save over 85% electricity cost. If you replace CFL bulbs by LED, you save over 50% electricity cost.
2. long life. Usually, lifespan of LED for lighting is over 50,000 hours.
3. Do not contain mercury, are more eco-friendly than other lighting sources
4. Produce cleaner colours of light. LEDs are very well known for their ability to produce light waves at very specific frequncy ranges. This makes the colours produced by LEDs the most vivid of all light forms

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