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my suggest how to choose the right led lights?

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This question have troubled any buyers in nowadays ,so many customer have asked me before why you say you quality was higher than the others !

Now i want to say the following points for your refrence

First of all, you should require the basic knowledge about LED lights since they're varied in types, and the multifarious types also are differ from shades, energy consumption, brightness level and viewing angles. You can choose the LED lights more successful after considerate all the aspects.

Second ,Test the samples to see all the specification from the seller was the same as real products or not .

if you have a big projects and want to find good supplier , if time allowed ,please test the samples first , because one important factor is  light decay (light attenuation) ,when you light the led lamp in only one day or one week ,it's no defference ,but after 1month or 6 months ,it will became  darker( that's for the bad quality led lights)

Most of the factory said their led lamp have more than 50000hours lifetime ,but we can't see it's true or just a lie, we can't test for 50000hours ,in this kind of condition ,please check of the material and chips they use ,also test the working temperature of the lights , if the heat dissipation not good , it will reduce  the service life of the lamp.

In general , If you want to buy good quality led lamp from international suppliers , first please be a led professtional  !
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