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LEDs still have a strong momentum on export

2013/12/2      Click:
LED as a green lighting product features with saving energy and protecting environment founded on high efficacy and low cost is and will be all the go. The debuting of phase-out plan on incandescent lamp will make such development go a step further.LED spot light is accepting by more and more people.

Since foreign market is mature and domestic market is in its pregnancy period,China is a major LED exporter.Moreover,some foreign countries give an olive branch to LED.

It is reported that about 80%~90% LED products of Shenzhen-the centre of LED in China-are for export.To take incandescent lamp elimination as an example,ban on incandescent lamp was first enforced in Australia last year and traditional light with power amount will be banned in 2012 by the European Union,Australia and Japan,and China will lag behind several years in Oct,2016.National Development and Reform Commission released a rout line and then LED for residential market will be totally opened.

According to statistics,total value of LED export continues to grow at a 100% rate in recent years.Even under the debt crisis in European Union,a 60%~70% growth rate can be expected.

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